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Will Tokenisation revolutionise Asset Management?

Language: German

Tokenisation will change the way we invest into assets and open a new world for Asset Managers by giving access to new asset classes such as tokenised art, real estate or company ownership. According to the World Economic Forum Survey 10% of global GDP may be stored with blockchain technology by 2027. Hence, Asset tokenisation is one of the biggest trends in banking: new digital exchanges are emerging and regulatory compliant offerings are being developed. Experts from various backgrounds will discuss challenges and opportunities of tokenisation, provide intriguing insights from academia, present Asset Management use cases and progress on building a fully integrated market infrastructure for digital assets.

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Asset Management Platform Switzerland (AMP)

Sam Chadwick
Head of DLT Center of Excellence, UBS
Markus Fuchs
Managing Director, SFAMA
Tomas Kindler
Head Financial Center Services and Member of the Executive Committee, SIX Securities Services
Thomas Heinzl
COO, UBS Asset Management
Fabian Schär
Professor for Distributed Ledger Technology/Fintech, University of Basel


Digital Ecosystem

Language: English

Digital ecosystems are increasingly gaining importance across industries and beyond. Which role do financial service providers have to play in digital ecosystems? What cross-industry collaborations are necessary? Who orchestrates the customer interactions in the future and are there any implications to the regulatory environment to be expected? These are the key questions Swiss Re and Credit Suisse are going to elaborate during their joint sessions together with leading ­experts.
Ecosystems are predicted to account significant amounts of global revenues in the future. Thereby, some of the world largest companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Tencent and Google have proven how to offer cross-industry products and services by building up their own eco­system. These developments are challenging incumbents in the financial services industry to rethink their business models.

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Credit Suisse AG
Swiss Re

Evangelos Avramakis
Head Digital Ecosystems R&D, Swiss Re
Anke Bridge Haux
Head Digitalisation & Products, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd
Michael G. Jacobides
Professor of Strategy, London Business School


Digital Currencies

Language: English

With the emergence of Bitcoin and Libra, the discussion around the decentralization and, as a result of that the denationalization of money as already introduced early by Friedrich August Hayek has just recently experienced a renaissance through digital currencies. While the decentralization and denationalization of money provides advantages like for example lower trans­action costs for international payments, one major argument against competing currencies is the high information cost. This panel discussion is centred around the question whether digital currencies are the “oil” of the future financial system and can provide the elementary functions of money better than the fiat currencies.

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Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab

Thomas Moser
Alternate Member of the Governing Board, Swiss National Bank
Valery Vavilov
CEO and founder,
The Bitfury Group
Alexander Lipton
Co.Founder & CTO Sila Money
Raphael Auer
Principal Economist, Bank of International Settlement


Through customer experience to new business models

Language: English

A digital ecosystem opens numerous opportunities for established players in the financial ser­vices industry. Innovative platforms and technologies offer customers completely new experiences. This can help expand and deepen the interaction with customers and promote growth. At the same time, new entrants see this as an opportunity to build their own customer relationships and create their own playing field – often without having to consider existing restrictions.

In this session, we will introduce you to the art of the possible. We will present selected new business models and up-and-coming ecosystems in the financial services industry, providing ­examples of front office transformations in everyday business while also taking a look into the future.

Attend this interactive session so you can exchange ideas with our team and add your own views and ideas to the discussion.

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Christian Schmitt
Global Wealth Management Leader, PwC
Alexander Schultz-Wirth
FS Technology & Customer Consulting Leader Switzerland, PwC
Marcel Tschanz
Head Management Consulting Wealth Management & Compliance, PwC
Frederik Gregaard
Head Experience Center & Digital Accelerator and Head Digital Financial Services, PwC