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Geopolitical issues are increasingly dominating economic activity and the development of financial markets. Trade wars and the relationships between the United States, Europe and Asia are evolving in a context of rapid technological change. The European Union is addressing internal issues, Brexit, and populist forces which are calling for the rejection of globalisation. It is becoming clear what fundamental structural challenges the Swiss financial sector is facing from the increased use of AI and digitisation, as well as the dangers of cybercrime. In addition to day-to-day operations, strategic questions for the Swiss financial centre, its insurance companies and financial institutions, are becoming increasingly important.

Where does the European Union stand between the superpowers USA and China and how stable is its position? How much globalisation does the world economy need, and how much populism can it cope with? What (monetary) policies can be implemented to counter the next crisis? And what measures and policies will be needed to ensure that the Swiss financial centre remains competitive in terms of both value creation and employment?

We will be discussing these topics with renowned experts from Switzerland and abroad at the NZZ Swiss International Finance Forum 2019.

This year’s NZZ Swiss International Finance Forum will take place at the Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue.